The Mid Hudson New York Chapter was established as a chapter of the Bereaved Parents of the USA on June 10, 2003. We began with six members and, sadly, have grown to a membership of well over 100 bereaved families.


As always, we deeply regret that anyone has to join our group but we are glad that you have found us and we hope that you will find some comfort, support and fellowship at our meetings and special events, or on our Facebook page, or from reading through the articles here on this website




The Steering Committee consists of fellow bereaved parents who are a bit further down the road in their grief journey and who are ready to give back to the group that was such a haven for them "in the beginning".


They are the backbone of our group; they help plan the topics for the meetings, create our special events and manage the business end of keeping the group afloat and functioning. They are wonderful role models to all of us as they demonstrate their ability to move forward, create meaning in their lives and honor their children by helping other more newly bereaved parents. With gratitude to all of them!!




      Patti Tucker – Treasurer                          In memory of  Kevin Tucker





      Joanne Arena – Special Events             In memory of Brian Arena




      Lori Canter – Library                               In memory of Bryan Canter





      Pinky Alger – Webmaster                       In memory of Sean Alger





      Linda Mack – Hospitality                        In memory of Danny Mack





      Pat Roza – Publicity/Fundraising           In memory of  Christpoher Usifer





      Kathy Corrigan – Newsletter Editor       In memory of Michael & Christopher Corrigan    













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We, as bereaved parents, help grieving parents and

families rebuild their lives following the death of a child. 


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This site maintained by Pinky Alger in memory of her son Sean Alger