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"I am so sorry about your sister or brother. How are your poor parents doing?  Remember to be good, since your parents are dealing with so much heartache."  These are just a few of hurtful and unhelpful things that bereaved siblings often hear from 'well meaning' friends, co-workers, peers and others following the loss of their sibling. When the death was of a young person, people focus their sympathy to the parents, often ignoring the loss of the sibling. When the death was of someone who may be older with a family, the focus of the sympathy goes to the spouse and children. Siblings, both young and older, are often overlooked in their own heartache and grief    read more


 To Our Surviving Children

~ Sascha Wagner


And you were here with us when the darkness came

You stood and grieved

And kept yourself alive…

We thank you now.


We have not always honored who you are

And often did not tend

Your hidden sorrows…

Forgive us now.


Because you love us well enough to wait

Until we could return to you

And know with joy and hope and love

You are tomorrow…

We celebrate your life.


And while we will remember always,

always the one, the many souls who did not live,

We see you once again for what you are:

The wealth you are, The comfort

And the promise…

We thank you now.

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BPUSA has a Virtual Sibling Chapter.  They meet on Zoom the last Thursday of each month. Contact Katie 



The Sibling Connection

KIDSAID - a safe place for kids to share and to help each other deal with grief about any of their losses


Camps for Siblings

Comfort Zone Camp - For Children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver

Chilren 7- 17 and Young Adults - 19 - 25

Camp Erin  - For Children and Teenagers ages 6 - 17, who have experienced the death of a parent,sibling or someone close to them.COPE Camp Erin New York City will take place this summer at Camp Wayne, August 22-‐24, 2014 (2.5 hours from New York City in the Pocono Mountains).

Books on Sibling Grief

Mid Hudson Bereaved Sibling Facebook Page

Sibling group will meet on Zoom

Please call to register 845-462-2825

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